The HAP motto is the HAP commitment:
Kids Come First!

Founded in 1974, HAP helps children by providing two sets of program services:

Project CLASS for Schools and Project CLASS for Community. Our primary mission is serving children who are disadvantaged, underserved and from low income families. Our complementary mission is serving ALL children and ALL adults for achievement and success at home, in school and in the community. The bullseye of our mission is Improving Children’s Behavior. In a nutshell, Better Behavior = Brighter Future.

Project CLASS (Children Learning Appropriate Social Skills) significantly improves children’s behavior. These days, too many children have behavior problems in school, at home and in life. Too many children are not able to Engage Eye Contact, Pay Attention, Follow Instructions, Accept No, Calm Down when Angry, Make Good Choices. Too many children are not able to Learn, Get Along with Others and Succeed.

Project CLASS teaches core-foundation social and learning readiness skills to children 3-5 and 6-12 years old. Core-foundation skills are the ABC basic underpinning skills critical for: Positive Behavior; Learning; Focus of Attention; Academic Achievement; Family Relationships; Getting Along with Others; Combating Bullying & Hate; Mental & Behavioral Health; Success not Failure.

Project CLASS for Schools currently benefits 32,000 children, 4,000 teachers and 2,000 parents annually in 60+ elementary schools and early childhood centers. School partners include Houston ISD, Spring Branch ISD, KIPP Charter, Catholic and Faith-based schools. Music, songs and movements accelerate skills development and retention, contributing to proven benefits and impact. Project CLASS for Schools is expanding to serve additional children.

Project CLASS for Community is an exciting and creative set of complementary services started in 2019. With the goal of helping tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands more children, parents, teachers, grandparents, foster parents, youth ministers, daycare & after-school staff, HAP has developed the rarest of rarities: a way to serve an astonishing number of children and adults that is remarkably cost effective and economically viable.

Our newest offering- Children’s Books Animated Films Social Skills Initiative involves an integrated series of Children’s Books, Animated Films, Parent & Educator Guides and Demonstration Videos. The Animated Films, Guides and Demonstration Videos are all free internet giveaways available to all with instant access. This newest offering is ideally suited for schools, families, daycare and churches. HAP is committed to addressing significant community need in affordable ways that make a positive difference in the lives of many children and adults.