HAP provides safe, loving, skilled parental care in therapeutic homes for children
who are victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.
Children ages 2-17 years old come to HAP after they have been removed from
their own homes by the court system, because of the severity of problems in
their biological family.

In each of our HAP homes, a married couple or single person serves as highly
trained Teaching-Parents. The heart of the program is the therapeutic
daily-living interactions between the children and the Teaching-Parents.

HAP children, often for the first time in their lives, learn to live with
structure, appropriate discipline, routine, responsibility, order, cleanliness,
rules, encouragement, counseling, loving care and ultimately, hope.

Houston Achievement Place addresses a desperate community need.

Children coming to HAP and living in HAP homes have extensive histories of pain and
traumatic experience. Most of the children have been involved with family
violence, abuse, neglect and victimization, often linked to drug and alcohol problems in their family. The children HAP serves have significant emotional, behavior, mental health and relational problems.

Children’s Protective Services and the Texas Department of Family Protective Services
become involved in the lives of these children because the biological parents
are unable to insure their children’s safety and care.

As a Child Placing Agency, HAP serves children referred to HAP through Children’s
Protective Services by placing them into HAP Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoptive homes.
Caring relationships, counseling and effective teaching are the keys to helping
the children coming to HAP.