HAP is committed to effectively serving children and their care-providers. Our Project CLASS services are dedicated to this commitment.

HAP is effective because “KIDS COME FIRST” at HAP. All programs and services have a central theme and underpinning foundation: Teaching and Learning. The HAP Mission, Philosophy, Guiding Principles, Values and Programs are united in service to Teaching and Learning for the benefit of children.

HAP programs are built on a platform of core components integrated for positive outcomes. These components are:

  • Caring, capable, committed staff.
  • Unwavering commitment to best practices for children incorporating the Teaching-Family Model.
  • Skills content. Help children develop skills that are simple, focused, practical and immediately useful in every day life.
  • A fun and engaging approach. Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. HAP incorporates music, songs, movements, stories and dramatic activities that capture children’s attention.
  • Optimized learning. HAP draws on research and knowledge about child development, brain functioning, attention span, and modes of learning. The results are programs that are effective and enriching.
  • Training sequences and integration follow-up. HAP training is sequential and ongoing. Skills and knowledge are built over time.
  • Learning tools and resources. CDs, storybooks, visual aids and posters reinforce the skills focused on by HAP.
  • Ongoing feedback and assessment. Information and data are collected to strengthen training and development, and monitor results.
  • Evaluation and research studies. HAP programs are built on an extensive foundation of research and evaluation studies. For the full bibliography of Teaching-Family Model studies contact pgilford@hapkids.org. For additional results and research information, click www.projectclass.org.

Why is HAP Effective