Houston Achievement Place (HAP) is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization. We are proud of our responsible stewardship of funds and focus on providing impactful services to children. HAP spends 84% of its financial resources on program services directly impacting children, well above local and national average for nonprofits.


The following information is based on Houston Achievement Place’s projected revenues and functional expenses.

Source of Funds
Government sources $1,707,787
Contributions 1,166,247
School Program Services 400,000
Sales to the public 160,000
Note payments 34,200
Investment return 20,000
Total Income 3,488,234

Fiscal Finances pie chart 2017

Program expenses $2,894,571
Fund raising expenses 103,078
Administrative expenses 490,585
Total expenses 3,488,234 
Total Income 3,488,234
Total expenses 3,488,234
Income in Excess of Expenses 0